I Don’t want to go to school!

A Parent’s Perspective

Throughout elementary and the first two years of high school, my daughter would constantly say, “I don’t want to go to school.”  Most days, I, as her mom,  would push her and she would occasionally go, always crying and sniffling.  I knew that school was tough for her, and she was the child who was always getting every cold and flu.  Allergies often kept her from a  good night’s sleep. Her headaches and stomaches ran our lives. So when could my darling little girl ever even have time for school? I swear she wasn’t faking, and I wasn’t a crazy, neurotic mom that liked to have her kid home as so many therapists hinted to me.   The stress of dealing with all of this was ruining both of our lives! Then one day,  I was surfing the web looking for help and seriously praying to G-d, when I happened on a school called, The Art of Learning Academy. I called Alicia and in 90 seconds ten years of hell ended. Somehow I knew. For the first time I was talking to someone who got it! Who got me, who got my daughter. Alicia urged me to drop everything and come right over.

I know this could sound crazy, but literally the next day we started school. I had my daughter working with a psychiatrist, a doctor, and a therapist. After two weeks of going to the Art of Learning, they wanted to know what in the world happened to my daughter. She wasn’t the same girl! She was sparkling with self-confidence, laughing, happy, and talking about dreams and aspirations. All of a sudden she wasn’t a housebound invalid but instead a peppy teen who was dreaming of going to Israel, finishing college, and some day being a teacher like Alicia!

No one could ever have convinced me that this would ever have happened. We’ve now been at Art of Learning for just short of one years. My daughter has made up a stunning eight years of missed school and will be graduating high school before she is 18. The nightmare has ended, and the dreams are coming true. As a parent, I know there have to be others like me out there, and I just had to share. I hope I’ll be seeing you and your child at Art of Learning.


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