Learning Disabilities and Dreams Saved!

A Parent’s Perspective

When my daughter first came to The Art of Learning Academy, I was thrilled because I could tell that Alicia was not going to lower her standards if a child was having difficulty with the academics.   So I could keep my dream of helping my child develop more  intellectually, even with the learning challenges she faced daily.  The school staff and Alicia  empower  the kids to succeed at a really high level, but the do it without threatening them with failure of making them feel bad. Instead they seem to create a safety net of help under each child by breaking down the tasks into things they can manage and giving enough time and space for there to be mastery. It is an incredible no way to lose situation. When a challenge comes up, no matter what it is, the teachers know a way to teach it that makes it easy and doable.

Forgive me if I’m gushing, but this is amazing for the students. When challenges come up, they learn to ask for help, get a new method to work with, practice the method, and eventually just start using it themselves. This turns students who are scared to death of failing for the millionth time or just getting everything dumbed down into confident learners. After the confidence comes the joy and every day turns into a positive day.

I know. I went through years of negative with my daughter and now it’s so different. Thank G-d.

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