She Stopped and Just Stood Back!

A Parent’s Perspective

One day Alicia told me this. She always feels like there is just so much work to do, and she wants to get it done. Remember, many of the kids arrive years behind on skills and basics, and all of them are catching up two, three, four years at a time. (Alicia shocked the District because they didn’t believe the private psychologist’s assessment that one of the boys had improved five or six years in one year in every area. So the district retested him, and he showed that in a year and a half, he went from reading like a six year old to a thirty year old!) However, on this day, when she walked in, ready to work,  she stopped,  just stood back, and looked around.  The kids, all different ages, backgrounds, genders, were all talking with one another, laughing, having a great time. Against every expectation, a group of kids who had all arrived loaded down with school failure baggage, insecurities, many lacking social skills, and certainly no expectation of getting much out of each other, were now friends that were laughing and talking. Alicia decided to just hang back and let them enjoy for an extra ten minutes or so. It wasn’t in the lesson plan, but it was just too much happiness to give up.

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