Special Ed Students Plan for Success!

A Parent’s Perspective

It dawned on me the other day why I chose to send my daughter to the Art of Learning Academy here in Northridge, California.  I am a parent of a special ed student that wants  her to be the very best she can be.  You hear from doctors, psychologist, counslers, teachers and other professionals in the field of Learning Disabilities that your child has so and so problem.  If you have good professionals they will give you a list of things you as the parent can do to improve the chances of your child being successful.  But I have discovered that at the most expensive schools out there that unless the teachers, that your child work with, have the right mind set, a mind set of success, your child will just sit in a chair in front of a table making poor progress.  I realize as a parent that I need to take a chance, in a way, I need to think, act and focus on growth of my child instead of accepting that what she is today is all she’ll ever be.  At the same time I need to accept, like and love the person she is today.  The perfect parent for this school is the parent that is willing to do absolutely  everything and anything to help there child.  The same principals apply in any successful endeavor you undertake in life.  You need to have an undying attitude about helping your kids.  Yes, there are problems but your going to be the parent that finds the answers.


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