Auditory Processing Problems and Learning a second Language!

A Parent’s Perspective

After reading through the Art of Learning Academy’s website I quickly made an appointment to visit the school I was excited maybe this would be the school that would be able to help my child.  After arriving and taking a tour of the school Alicia and I sat down and  started going through the curriculum.  I was surprised when she told me that one of the subjects she teaches is Spanish.  Well my daughter was diagnosed with auditory processing problems and learning a second language seemed stressful. I voiced my concerns. I had once heard that having kids with auditory processing issues learn a second language was just the medicine they needed to improve.  Many people feel that we should not push to improve the kids instead just accommodate them.  From what I have seen so far this is generally not Alicia’s approach, and this is just what Alicia told me.  Teach them a second language and you will be amazed with their progress.  What is incredible is that only a half hour is spent learning spanish each day. My daughter loves Spanish and we have academic tests scheduled which will show if the Auditory processing has improved.  We shall see….But in the mean time my daughter because of learning Spanish will have a better understanding of her world especially because we live in Los Angeles, CA.

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