About Us

We Dare to be Different!

There are four key components to changing your child’s life:

  1. An atmosphere of loving kindness
  2. Small classes with less than ten students, a teacher, and at least one aide
  3. One-on-one aides to support students who need them
  4. One-on-one educational therapy that targets your child’s individual learning difference

We do believe that with enough correct attention, any student who cooperates with our program, can become successful and develop a love of literature, writing, art, music, math, social and physical sciences.

We think out of the box, and we are looking for families that want pushing the envelope results. Here are some of the ways in which our school is unique:

We don’t believe that your child’s label is the best indicator of his future.

Labels cannot predict how a child will act in an environment where his needs are met.

At our school, we have seen Asperger’s Syndrome disappear, ADD and ADHD drop away, and dyslexics learn to read, to name only a few “miracles.”

We do not teach to the test, nor worry excessively about standardized testing because standardized testing cannot measure energy, creativity, determination, people skills, compassion, or all the other complex factors that go into making a person whole and successful.

We disagree with the concept that doing hours of homework can make you smart. True, smart people are extraordinarily good at doing homework. Unfortunately, sitting alone with a mountain of homework will not make you smart. It may even make you hate school because of the frustration. Therefore our homework assignments are intentionally light, and we urge parents to devote evenings to positive activities such as recreational reading, crafts, music lessons, sports, church or temple, and community service.

Within one to three years of joining our program, we expect all of our students to be functioning on or above grade level and be able to return to mainstream education.