Our Inspiration

We have been greatly influenced by three different educational philosophers:

Maria Montessori, inventor of the Montessori Method.

From Montessori, we have learned that children crave order to achieve tranquility. Given the enormous number of children, who today suffer from ADD and ADHD, we see this as an unlearned lesson that has yet to be given enough focus in all schools.

J. Krishnamurti, one of the most extraordinary thinkers of the 20th century.

From Krishnamurti we take the wisdom that children learn best in a loving intelligent home environment, that a school cannot be based on fear, that educators should be in a state of deep, alert watchfulness, and that it is the responsibility of the educator to help the student integrate his many selves into a harmonious human being.

Rudolph Steiner, designer of Waldorf Education.

From Steiner, we honor all phases of Waldorf education. Although we are not a Waldorf school, our teachers believe Waldorf education to be an excellent ideal. We believe strongly in learning through art and the curative powers of art. We also believe in having main lesson, writing on a daily basis, learning to speak a second language, and balancing head, hands and heart. Finally, following Steiner, we believe that to build the health that must last a person a lifetime, it is necessary to have a happy childhood.

All of these educators believed that a school should function as a community, and so do we. We urge our clients to think of us as their second family.