Additions and Fees

Don’t let the $27,500 tuition scare you! We offer sliding scale, grants, and full scholarships.

Ours is a very small school, and for the last twelve years, it has stayed full through word of mouth.

Full for us is approximately 10 students, 5 in middle school and 5 in high school.

If you are interested, call us at (818) 701-7675. Ask for the school director. We can have a phone chat to see if our school possibly can be a match for your student.

We do not base your child’s admission to our school on their previous record or recommendations!

Most of our students were failed by other schools!

We accept fifth through twelfth grade students, who have been disappointed by other schools.

We accept students who have been labeled (sometimes mislabeled) as:

  1. being twice blessed, being both gifted and learning disabled
  2. being gifted underachievers
  3. being gifted overachievers, who need flexible schedules, in order to act or run businesses
  4. having mild/moderate learning disabilities such as:
      auditory processing deficit,
      expressive language disorder
      visual motor integration problems
  5. having ADD and ADHD
  6. having other health impairments such as social anxiety disorder, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, diabetes, etc.

We also accept students who have had personal tragedies, such as the death or abandonment of one or both of their parents, and need to be in a more loving environment.

However, please do not call us if your child has a history of:

  • violence
  • alcohol or drug abuse
  • promiscuity

We regret that we cannot serve students who are mentally retarded, schizophrenic, or autistic. It is outside of our area of expertise.

The admissions process:

If you think we can help you, set up an appointment for any Saturday or Sunday. Bring by your student and last year’s school records. We will give you a tour of the facility, and also spend some time interviewing your child. Don’t be nervous; for younger students we sometimes play a game of Scrabble with them, or talk about pets, or movies. We like to hear, first-hand, why the student in interested in our school.

After this, we will most probably invite your student to spend a sample day with us. Parents and siblings are not allowed to accompany their children through the day, as that would not give us a realistic idea of your child’s school behavior.

However, we ask parents to keep a cell phone with them, and on extremely rare occasions, we have asked a parent to return and take a child home. There is no charge for this sample day, while your child is observing (and being observed).

If your child wishes to try a sample week, he or she is welcome to come for the week, at no charge.

If your student continues for a second week, the first week is then charged at $688. The second week is likewise charged at $688.

“Students sometimes grow up to be artists after studying with Ruben, a former Walt Disney Imagineer.”

By the third or fourth week, when we feel confident that things are going well, we allow the parents to pay a month’s tuition of $27,500.

At the end of four to seven weeks, depending on when the student started, the parent chooses whether to pay a non-refundable May and June in advance on the monthly rate and continue to pay by the month, or to make a lump sum payment of $25,000 subtracting off whatever has already been paid during the six week trial period.

The great majority of our students choose the lump sum option.

As we are a small, word-of-mouth school, we have no application deadline. Parents may call us any week of the school year and start their sample week the next week.