Grade School

A strong emphasis on the basics—reading, writing, and math.

English Literature:

The students read entire books at the rate of approximately one book every two weeks. There are comprehension questions for every page of the book, and the students meet in seminar daily to discuss their book, using the questions as a guide.


Our art program is taught by our Mr. Ruben, a former Walt Disney Imagineer. The program is superlative. It includes drawing, painting, sculpting, jewelry making, woodcarving, and a choice of over 50 different crafts projects per year. The art studio is a fully equipped shop of over 1200 square feet.


Students write a minimum of three five-paragraph essays per week on a variety of topics because the only way to learn to write is to write.

All student essays are corrected and returned to the students who make final copies. In this way, the students master writing.


Punctuation is also taught and tested several times a week.


Students occasionally see quality films as a stimulus for discussion and writing.


We insist that all students achieve legible printing and/or handwriting, and we practice this daily until it is achieved.


In some cases, particularly children with severe visual motor integration problems, we change the student’s mode of writing to typing. We do teach typing to all of our students.

Accommodations for Dyslexia:

Dyslexic students (those with an inability to decode words) must have daily therapy for dyslexia, which is separate from the ordinary English program. However, we encourage our dyslexic students to either hear the books on tape or read them aloud with the one-on-on aide, if they are proficient enough to do so.

We have successfully taught all our dyslexic students to read.


All students are assisted until they can demonstrate automaticity in math. Automaticity in math refers to the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide the basic math facts automatically.

Once automaticity is achieved, we cover the basic skills of sixth and seventh grade math, and pre-algebra.

Accommodations for Dyscalculia:

Students with dyscalculia must have educational therapy and the help of a one-on-one aide until they meet grade level standards.

We have successfully taught math to learners with dyscalculia!

Social Studies and Science:

We cover standard social studies and science for grades six, seven, and eight in the state of California.

Spelling and Vocabulary:

Students study spelling and vocabulary daily and have several tests per week


Our PE program is daily and includes swimming, basketball, games, and Tai Chi therapy for those students trying to learn to slow down. We purchase a membership to LA Fitness for each child and visit there daily.

Speech Therapy:

Speech therapy is available on-site with the very talented Sheila Moscowitz, M.A. She has 30 years experience in the field.


We have a wonderful music teacher. Everyone is invited to the joy of singing several times a week. Private lessons for instruments are available.