High School

Get the attention you need!

We consider what courses your student needs to graduate high school. Where we can, we place your student in a small group of learners who need the same courses for graduation.

When students are the only ones who need specific course to graduate, depending on the student’s abilities, we either have it taught one-on-one by a tutor, or have the student take it as an independent study, but meet with the tutor several times a week to track progress.

Because the groups are so small, we are often able to have students graduate high school in three or even two years instead of four.

Also where circumstances have disrupted a student’s life, we can often make up work more quickly than a larger school would and allow older students to graduate in one to two years, depending on how many courses and units the student needs.

There is no exit exam.

If the student wishes to leave before graduation, we have had no problem with our credits being accepted by public and private schools alike.

Our graduates are able to enter junior colleges, the Cal State system, and the UC system, as well as private colleges.

Ruben is available to help your student prepare an art portfolio for entrance into any art college.