Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a school calendar available?


What are the school hours?

Eight fifteen until three-fifteen daily.

Is your staff really as nice as you seem?

Come visit us and find out.

Is the school legal?


Is this a non-public school?


Have any of the children ever had IEP’s?


Can the school’s credits transfer to other schools, both public and private?


Have graduates of the high school been accepted at universities?


Do you meet California state code requirements?

We go far beyond them.

Do other private schools allow transfers from your school?

Those with openings to fill have gladly accepted our students on transfer, as would be the case of transfer from any other private school.

Are people of color comfortable at your school?

Absolutely. We welcome diversity. Charles and Fred were both born in Africa. Dov, Ari, and Ruben were all born in Mexico. Alicia is a Jewish-Anglo and the proud god-mother of her best friend’s two black children, who are now students at Harvard and Brown universities.

Why does the school cost so much money?
Seven people are on staff here for fewer than 20 students. These people must be paid. The students also destroy a great deal of the physical plant of the school each year, yet the school has to be kept looking nice for the students. We provide the students with all their books and materials. We provide computers for those students who do not have their own laptops. We have transportation and insurance costs for school trips.

How can the school cost so much less ($12,000 to $20,000) than any of its competitors?

We do not have a separate school building. Four of the people on staff live in this home at night which is much more economical than buying or renting a commercial property. We do not have extra administrative costs as Alicia, Charlene and Kieko do all the administrative tasks nights and week-ends. We do not have the enormous extra administrative costs that go with being either a public school, a non-public school, or keeping up accreditation paperwork requirements.

How is the school accredited?

It is legal in the state of California to employ any English-speaking credentialed teacher to teach your child. Our teachers’ credentials cover the school and make private school accreditation unnecessary.

It is also legal to send your child to any school that has registered as a private school with the state of California, and we are registered.

No public school system in this state will refuse to grant credits for work done at any legal private school, as that would not be in the best interests of the child and would violate the California State Code of Education.

It is illegal for universities to discriminate against any graduates of any legal school.

Is there a dress code?
Sadly, yes. We would rather not have one, but too many students dressed inappropriately which made some of the parents nervous, and in some cases, created a hostile environment for other students or teachers. We expect all students to dress modestly. Do not show cleavage, midriff, or upper thighs. Hair cannot be died colors outside of nature. We do not wish to see any spiked, gelled or Mohawk type hairstyles. Hair can be as long or short as wished, but not grown over the eyes because the students have to see what they are reading. We do not allow anyone to wear piercings, except for pierced ears.

We do not allow shirts that mock individual politicians, have obscene language, or that glorify Satan, violence, criminal activity, or war. Boys are not allowed to wear hats in the house, except for kippahs for Orthodox Jews. We do not allow oversized clothing or pajamas. Casual clothes, such jeans, t-shirts and polo shirts are fine. We expect everyone’s clothing to be clean (odor-free) and mended if torn. In other words, you are nice, so look nice.